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active2 watch wont connect to wearable app in android phone

(Topic created on: 3/22/21 3:00 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I just got an Active2 watch, out of the box, connected to wifi, signed in, updated to the latest software update. Installed the wearable app on my samsung A50 (updated too), I downloaded the app from the playstore.

I was able to link by samsung earbuds to the wearable app, but the app refuses to connect to the watch.

I've already reset the watch, unpaired the watch from my phone, clear cache of the wearable app, reinstalled it - still wont connect.

I'm not getting any error message. When the app asks if I want to connect to the watch and I tap Yes, it says "Unable to unstall. Unexpected error".

Screenshot_20210322-135931_Galaxy Wearable.jpg

 And from the watch, when I go to "connect to phone" it asks me if I want to use my personal data and content from watch after I've connected with my phone. I tap yes, it asks for my pin, which I enter correctly, then the watch restarts. The "let's start" screen comes up, I try to connect using the app, the pair number is the same. The app tries to install the requiered software, and then the same error message comes up.

I have no other option than to set up the watch without the app.

Still cant connect to the app.

Any advice?




I found that what the app is trying to install is the active2 plugin, so I downloaded it from somewhere online and managed to get here, but it still fails to connect:

Screenshot_20210322-162353_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg

It just says to try again, it doesn't load any data from the watch.

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