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back coming undone

My first galaxy watch back came off after 2 years.  Ibouught new active 2, the back came off after a month and a half.  Appears to be a desing flaw as there are many cases.  There website gives you an error message when you try to order repair envelope.  Called them they made a case gave me a ticket number and said they sent mail in label.  it never came. I have been on chat with them for over an hour, they refuse to text me a qr code, mail the label or provide the repair address.  Most frusting experience ever.  I willnever buy a SAmsung product again and am reporting them to Better Business bureau.

Cosmic Ray

Re: back coming undone

I have the same watch. Sorry you're having so much issue with it but Samsung Galaxy is very stressful when it comes to getting problem solve with their products. I exchange my s10+ phone cause I ws having issue after I downloaded they antivirus software anyway it lock 🔐 my watch out of the new devise I called them and they did the same thing create me a case and they did email me a slip to send my product in but after he told me he was not going to be able to unlock the watch from the old phone I said it was a waste of my time and I figured it out and unlock my watch to work on the new device. But trying calling again or use the chat feature on the phone see if you get better results. Good luck.