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fitness tracker for the active 2

(Topic created on: 2/17/21 12:28 PM)
Galaxy Watch
I just got a new phone and the galaxy active watch 2 came with it. I was really excited since I had recently broke my fitbit and was in the market for a new watch. I'm highly disappointed with the fitness tracker in this watch. I train muay thai and bjj everyday as well as being constantly active all day. I like having the fitness tracker so I can track my heart rate through workouts as well as track my calories burned so I can more accurately take care of myself through my training process. I CANT DO THAT WITH THIS WATCH!! I can wear it all day and through my workouts and it'll say I've only burned 2000 calories where with my fitting it could be anywhere from 3000-4000. I also can't see how many steps I've taken??? My phone does a better job at that!!! Is there a way that is can be fixed? I'm just about ready to give this watch back and get a fitbit again!
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