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galaxy active 2 massive battery drain

hello. About 3 months ago, I purchased a Galaxy watch active 2, 40mm aluminum version. The watch worked perfectly, the battery life was great, about 2days. Last week, I forgot to charge the watch and it was completely out of battery. The next day, I tried to charge it, but at first, the watch was unable to charge, 20 minutes later, it was finally charging, but it took me nearly 6 hours to fully charge ( normally it only take more than 2hrs). Since then, it always took me about more than 3 hrs to charge, the watch would be super hot and the battery life dropped dramatically to only 7 hours, instead of 2 days like before. I've tried to reset, restart the watch,  uninstall the apps, including galaxy wearable and Samsung health but nothing happened.  Also, I don't take any software updates during that time so I don't think it is about the software. If anyone runs into the same problem and knows how to fix it, please help.

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Re: galaxy active 2 massive battery drain

In this case your best option would be to contact samsung directly as their are no service center that will physically service the watches onsite these items are usually shipped out with proof purchase for further inspection down below i have attached a link

For shipping repair, you need to call Samsung, the hotline is indicated in this link: