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galaxy active 2 watch is not worth the money

I have had two Galaxy active 2 watches in 4 months and they both have had problems and had to be sent back. When you try to deal with Customer Service they are useless.  The only option is to send the watch back and have a refurbished one sent to you. When I sent the original watch that I purchased for a repair becasuen it would not stay synced with my phone,theysent me a refurbished one that was repaired for not holding charge. Well, guess what - it still doesn't hold charge. All I want is a NEW watch - not a refurbished one. That request will never be honored by this company. I paid $500 for this, and it is not worth it at all.  I am sending it back again and I told them they could keep it. It is worthless!!  I will definitley be switching to another brand - Apple. My daughters have Apple watches and they love them and have never had any issues with service at all. Do not buy this watch or anything from thos company if you want to be treated with respect and get a problem resolved.

Cosmic Ray

Re: galaxy active 2 watch is not worth the money

I have the same watch as u do an i never had a issue with it sorry u have had issues with it but maybe I have bought a bad one they do sell them an usually its far from all sometimes they slip an sell a bad watch when the r sold my wife uses a apple watch an went though the same as u are an she went today an traded in her iPhone in an apple watch an got the s20 ultra an the active 2