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galaxy watch 3

I am beginning to doubt the accuracy of the program "my bp lab" as it "capture" in percent it accept the "noise" or the pulse or the minute movement your arm makes while the watch wait until it get to 98% then it kicks it off and says fail. It should have said failed by around 35% instead of waiting in till that last 2% out 98%.

I took the watch off my wrist and set it on the table and as it "capture" my bp it gave me a vague reading. I did the test twice. Second time gave me a higher reading. In other words, this watch can be fooled. 

I guess, hence this device did pass the electronic version of sphygmomanometer here in the US. 

Other sensor such as ECG, I compared it to my aunt's kardia mobile ekg monitor, as well as my heart doctor's ekg 6 lead machine, both are right on target and we all did the test 3 times just to make sure its accuracy.
My heart doctor said that samsung galaxy watch 3 is indeed passed and is listed and registered and cleared by the FDA as a medical device. 

The watche's other sensors such as O2, bpm, are also accurate. Sleep monitor are yet to be tested and can be done at sleep study centers.

Sorry for the long vent and review.