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galaxy watch R800 - sensors no longer record

(Topic created: 08-04-2021 01:29 AM)
Galaxy Watch
Please excuse my poor english, i'm french but i bet my problem should find an answer in US more than in France 😉

In May, I updated the firmware of my galaxy watch (SM R800).
Unfortunately since this upgrade, the sensors : cardiac, altimeter, pedometer no longer do the job.
They work, for example I see the cardiac measurement diode light up but the measurement does not succeed, message (translated) " unable to measure heart rate, try again " .
I did a reset, without success (I even did it 3 times).
I took my watch to an authorized Samsung repairer, he changed the sensor block but without success, the measurements start but do not succeed.
We conclude that the problem is software and not hardware.
here are the software infos :
One UI Watch version: 2.0
tizen version:
software version: R800XXU1FUD1
Knox version: 2.5.0
knox tizen version: 2.5.0
SE for tizen: 2.0.0
Tima: 3.0.0
Have you any ideas or suggestions ?
Thanks to all of you (and once again sorry for my english)
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