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galaxy watch overheating

My galaxy watch has been working fine and out of no where today started overheating and went from almost 100% to 5% battery life. When I tried to charge it, it keeps saying the watch is overheated. I use the samsung original charger; I have been excited about the new galaxy watch 3 that is about to come out but if it has the same problem I might not even get it. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: galaxy watch overheating

You should know that so many others are having this same issue.  I am as well.  The overheating, burning smell as well as the battery life that I have complained about for the last few updates to wearalabe app.  Now Samsung is saying pay for repair.  This is crazy because this issue did not arise for any of us until these app updates occurred.  I am with you about the new watch but if this continues i can't do it.  Maybe that is what the issue is.  They are trying to force us to updgrade our watches.  Hmmm