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please help me understand this messaging issue (I can respond, but can't start messages off my watch)

(Topic created: 11-22-2023 10:57 AM)
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I have the Model watch 5 with LTE.

I use textra on my phone. When I receive messages I'm able to respond from my watch  no problem via wifi, blue tooth or lte but when I try to start a text message from my watch it'll tell me it can't send the message. I've tried it connected on all 3, only on wifi, only blue tooth and LTE.


Is this something that can be corrected?


Thank you in advancve

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Galaxy Watch
I used to use Textra as well. Good app overall, but unless they have developed a Wear OS app for the watch, you can't respond to text messages as the watch will only allow the apps that have Wear OS counterparts like Samsung Messenger or Google Messages.

Personally, I have found Google Messages to be superior in design and functionality over Textra.
Esoecially, now as Google is partnered with Samsung.
Google Messages also works very well on the watches.