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problem after repaired

42mm Galaxy watch would not charge or power on so Samsung had me send it in. They repaired and sent back.

The watch will not connect to mobile network. ICCID says "unknown". Took to T-Mobile store and they tried for over an hour.... said it is something in the watch programming (that they do not handle as it is a Samsung warranty thing).


I paid more for it to have cellular and wifi connectivity. I have dealt with it for months like this but I'm realizing I cannot just have wifi and Bluetooth only. I want it to work as advertised and paid for.

Something is not right with it.

Mobile number is unknown.

ICCID is unknown.

Model SM-R815U

S/N & IMEI both show in settings and match the box info from purchase... it just will not connect.

I've tried resetting at minimum a dozen times between myself and the people at T-Mobile store with no luck. I've tried connecting to new phone with no luck. T-Mobile says the ICCID has to show in the device or it will NEVER connect to the mobile network. They claim they have NO way to fix it and it is a Samsung programming issue to handle under warranty (yet again) which is still valid.

What must I do to either get it repaired CORRECTLY or replaced with a NEW device?


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: problem after repaired

Thank you for reaching out. I would be happy to assist you further. Can I please have your ticket number in a private message:

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