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"Liquid damage"

Well I got told it is liquid damage and $250 to fix it. That is more than a new one. I will NEVER buy Samsung again. You say it's water resistant to 50 meters, well all it had was sweat and a couple times in the shower. I had a $100 fitbit that was not water resistant at all swimming a bunch of times and it kept working. Actually I gave it to my son and continued to wear it. I think it made 4 years total. Got it August 26th, and now it doesn't work or covered by warranty. Why say you can wear it to swim, have it on the heath app for swimming then not covered it. If I abused it, I would own it, but this this was taken care of for the 2 months I was able to use it. 

Cosmic Ray

Re: "Liquid damage"

I've never had this issue, but I've read it numerous times. That devices are water resistant, and in the case of smart watches, they have specific exercises defined that would get the watch wet. Then as soon as the device is damaged due to water, has water damage, it isn't covered under warranty because you used it in a manner that we clearly stated was ok.