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sleep tracking issues: Galaxy watch 3

For four days now, I've had issues with the sleep tracking on the galaxy watch 3. The first night (10/7) it stopped recording in there middle of the night. The second night, it didn't track any sleep at all. The third day/night, it recorded me watching an hour plus of me watching TV on the couch as sleep. Finally last night, again it didn't track any sleep. I've also noticed it starts recording prior to going to bed and after waking up. I just reviewed my update history, and there was a phone security update on 10/7 G975U1/ATT. There seems to be a pattern developing. This is getting frustrating. Are these forums monitored or is it just yelling frustrations into an echo chamber? Is there any official response from Samsung? Would like this fixed ASAP, any suggestions?

Update: 5th night no tracking of sleep (it eventually did updated, took a few hours.)
Well yesterday (6th day), it tracked me playing video games for a number of hours as sleeping, so by it's account I slept 17 plus hours yesterday/today.

Re: sleep tracking issues: Galaxy watch 3

I'm with you. I recently upgraded to the Galaxy Fit2 and it hasn't synced my sleep for the past two nights. My phone is a Galaxy S20+. Seems to be a Samsung Health issue. It looks like it's syncing everything else fine, except for the sleep data.