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Re: swimming outdoors and tracking distance

I want to warn anyone who's considering purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (or any other Samsung smartwatches) for tracking swim workouts.




After completing a relatively short swim, my Galaxy Watch Active2 did not respond to screen touches or button presses. The screen was black. After consulting with customer service, they told me to send it in for repair (both here on this forum and over the phone). Now after waiting for over a week, I finally get an email telling me the watch is not covered under warranty. Even though the warranty on this watch expires on Oct. 2020. Apparently, these watches are not covered for water damage. So, if your watch stops functioning after swimming. And even if you follow the guidelines and don't swim deeper than 50m, which I certainly didn't do. While I swim, my watch didn't go any deeper than 1 meter. 


BTW, I can buy a new Galaxy Watch Active2 for $229.99 which is almost the same cost for repairing my watch. It would make more sense just to buy a new watch but I couldn't use it for swimming (based on my experience with my this one). Since swimming is my main exercise (bad knees, can't run), this wouldn't be a good choice.


So if you intend to use one of the Samsung smartwatches to track your swims, DON'T. Because if it stops working after a workout, it will not be covered under warranty. 


Here's a thread discussing this issue:


Many people have experienced what I am currently dealing with.