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watch active 2 cannot reply on messages with iphone

Hello all,

I have just changed my phone from android moto z to iphone 11. I have my galaxy watch active 2 for some time and now I have realized that I am not able to reply on any notifications on my watch at all.

Is there any solution to fix this? Is there any scheduled update, so when I receive notification for example from whatsapp, I will be able to reply using my watches only as this is one of the most needed features why i have chosen galaxy watch active 2 over other watches.

But now i am really disappointed.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: watch active 2 cannot reply on messages with iphone

The reply function is unavailable with an iPhone (replying and message syncing for features such as text messaging, messenger app, emails). Give this link a try for compatible features with your devices:

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