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Background cancelation

(Topic created: 09-27-2023 05:34 AM)
Galaxy Z Flip
Does Samsung have something similar to apples background cancelation while on calls? With apple during a call you can go into the settings and turn this option on, and it works extremely well. I need something like this for my galaxy as I work in a loud environment and communicate over the phone constantly.
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Galaxy Z Flip
What do you mean by background cancellation? Do you mean microphone isolation? Like to dull out all the background noise and focus on your voice? Or do you mean canceling all the open apps while you're on the phone? You weren't too specific but I assume you're talking about microphone and noise cancellation and yes we do have that, it is a built-in feature of the Samsung phone app if you use it. I'm not sure about Google dialer as I don't use it The only app I opt into for Google instead of Samsung by default is messages because Samsung still can't get RCS right for some reason and Google's just works and has worked for many years now since my Pixel 4 XL like 4 years ago I've had working and stable RCS.
Also for future reference I have no idea if the z flip has it, I don't know which z flip you have or anything like that so it's useful when you post what your hardware is with your question as I have a S22 Ultra and I know for a fact my phone has it but I've also had a z flip 4 before this phone and that phone I believe also I had it but I'm not 100%, so don't quote me on that one. If you're on anything older than that then I'm going to take a guess and say no you don't have an option for that and it's not built in as it's considered old hardware at this point. Lastly, iPhones have a lot of niche features that no other company has so using the "well iPhone has it and it works great so why don't we have it" doesn't really hold up because iPhones just got wireless charging 2 years ago or so when we've had it for closer to 10 or more. IPhones still can't customize your home screen when Androids have been able to do that since the very first one You also still can't personalize an iPhone except widgets which you've always been able to do on Android so you're comparing apples to oranges by bringing iPhones into the mix. I would highly suggest not trying to compare features to an iPhone when asking if something is possible on your Samsung It's kind of just frowned upon because yes iPhones can do some very specific things that some people may find helpful but Androids can do an unlimited amount of things for anybody at any age with any skill level that can take advantage of it. It's just not a good comparison. If you had compared to a different Android phone then it's much easier to figure out a solution to your problem, but if you only have an iPhone for comparison then it's impossible to help you out as I know absolutely nothing about an iPhone and have only owned one my entire life and that was the very first one that was ever made so I'd say I'm pretty outdated when it comes to what iPhones can do but I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to what Samsung phones can do and I have some decently good knowledge of other higher end Android phones even ones that I've never touched before.
One solution if your phone is older and doesn't have any kind of noise focusing or voice focusing I should say which pretty much any modern Android should have some form of it built in You may not see an option for it but trust me that it's in there and that's why every single Android phone made today has multiple microphones all around it for that exact reason and for when you're taking videos you can have your microphone zoom in digitally as your lens zooms in on the subject so essentially the microphone will become in multiples more sensitive towards the area you are zooming into. If you have a phone that has zero support for it, just Google your phone and find out if it has any kind of background noise cancellation during calls it'll take you 2 seconds to find out if your phone has any support for it or not and if it does not support it, the easiest way around it would be to get a set of any Galaxy buds, even the older models for cheap and use those for calls when you're at work because those have that feature you're looking for built-in and will do a pretty good job at muting out the background noise and focusing on your voice.