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Constructive criticism and improvements

(Topic created: 09-24-2023 05:47 AM)
Galaxy Z Flip
I'm aware the Z Flip 5 is new but this just my two cents as of having it for a little less than a month after release. The cover screen is amazing and very innovative and I know this is being done as I'm writing but one of the apps that needs to be properly rendered for the cover screen is maps as having it open with an app in the background like music makes it so that there's no room for the actual map. Also the theme park app (a galaxy app) works on the main screen but not the cover screen and I really bummed out after the work I put into my custom board. Lastly and quite oddly enough, the Samsung capture notification can't be turned off even though I've done it on my previous Galaxy devices. Please please if anything it worth taking into consideration is the able to turn off screenshot notifications. Namah Shivaya 🙏🏻 
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Galaxy Z Flip

Unfortunately, most of the apps will need to be updated by the app create to support the resolutions on the front screen. Samsung did a great job getting their 1st party apps to support it but we will see if it catches on in the developer community. I do see what you are saying about music/maps. That is more I on the Google side I suspect since their app is designed to show extra info on the bottom while using maps. 

Great inputs for Samsung overall, hope they read it.