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Editing quick response coverscreen

(Topic created: 10-05-2022 10:05 AM)
Galaxy Z Flip

For my opinion is Z flip 4 for no doubt the best fold-able phone released. But one thing really annoys me and that is the quick response in cover screen. I can't edit it at all?
I have also Galaxy watch 4 Classic and in the Samsung Wearable I can change this quick response for the Galaxy watch easily. I can also edit quick response on messaging in messaging setting. But this wont effect the cover screen. So I want to edit the quick response to reply quick message on my WhatsApp or Telegram.

So my main question is, can I edit quick response on cover screen? Because I haven't found it on my research.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Galaxy Z Flip

Hello, We understand using the cover screen quick responses is a convenient way to respond to text. Unfortunately, at this time there is not an option to edit the responses.

You can review this article for the features available on the cover screen. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00086022/

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