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Flip 4 hinge popped out

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I have had several Galaxy flip phones over the years, with my favorite being the dual screen Galaxy Golden. I literally bought the Galaxy Flip 4 not more ten days ago after I could no longer find consistent cell service on my Galaxy Folder 2. Anyhow, a  clam shell / flip phone by design is supposed to be more durable and than a slab device. I figured a new $1000 phone should probably have a shock resistant case, just because you never know what will happen. The phone fell maybe 3 ft off my desk onto an oak hardwood floor and one side of the hinge popped out. The screen is fine from what i can tell but the phone will not open more than 60 degrees. 

This is a serious design flaw. Did anyone even test the durability of the hinge on this new device. I wish Samsung had made a 5G version of the Galaxy Golden or the Galaxy Folder. I guess I will try to see if the one year warranty covers this defect.

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Sorry to be harsh, but you should do more research before dropping a thousand bucks on a phone.
A folding screen phone is *not* more durable than a normal phone, it has never been marketed as such and logically, a device with multiple moving pieces and a split frame should not be more durable than the traditional solid state rigid frame design. The Flip and Fold in particular need to make multiple design compromises due to their need to fit the folding display and as near to a full sized battery as possible, requiring a new hinge design among other things as opposed to the I9230 Golden which is more or less a traditional flip phone design, including an enclosed and thus more durable hinge.

You can call these design flaws if you want, but for the time being every folding device on the planet has a similar hinge design with similar structural weaknesses. I'm sure someone will figure it out eventually, but the fact is, these fold screen phones hinges have a lot more going on in them than a single display cable and old designs no longer work.

In short, it's well known that these are not durable phones, and there is even a warning screen during first time setup. If you believed that it was a durable phone with a shock resistant case, well, Samsung never claimed it had anything of the sort and the marketing only goes so far as to call it the strongest folding screen phone they've made yet.

Good luck getting it fixed.
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I've contemplated getting a Sammy foldable device in the past, but my wife reminded me :
"a folding phone will never be" 👍
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Hello, We understand how disappointing this must be that the hinge popped out. This would require service for the phone. You can use the following link to locate a local service provider in the U.S.: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/  or by contacting customer support at 1-800-726-7864.

For assistance outside the U.S., please use this link: https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html