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Galaxy Flip5 Alarm Error

(Topic created: 10-19-2023 11:01 AM)
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My flip5 alarm goes off at 6am and it won't turn off with anything- no screen to turn off OR buttons to shut off. I have to either turn off or restart the phone.

I was able to fix temporarily it by deleting Sleep & No Disruption functions but after the Samsung software update I allowed a few days ago re-triggered 6am non stop-able alarm every day. 
I have no Sleep or No Disruption function set so I don't have a clue where to go from here. The Samsung support told me to go to Asurion who told me to just reset the phone.
I switched from iPhone and this has been irritating both my wife and my sleep so bad. The satisfaction I had for about a month is now evaporated.
Anyone know how to fix this on Android/Samsung or return Flip5? I pre-order it so got just about a month and half ago. Thanks
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Give this a shot, it could work. With the phone off, press and hold Power & Volume up buttons until the Samsung logo disappears. Using volume keys, highlight Wipe cache partition, then power to select and confirm on the following screen. Returning to the original menu, use volume to navigate to Repair apps, and then power again to select. This will reindex all your apps. If that has no effect on the alarm, as Asurion advised, strange bugs like these can sometimes be resolved by factory resetting and restoring the device. The process doesn't take too long.