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Horrible customer service, phone broken in kept on lying and not answering the phone call

Worst customer service, ever faced with...
I bought my z flip around July and it started malfunctioning in around Aug. time frame. Line formed up on the hinge area, Now I have large black blac spot in the middle. I contacted samsung phone service two month ago, samsung customer service rep, said she will send me a new phone holding credit card info. However they were out of stock so I was told i had to wait 2 days then it became two month. I can't even use my phone any more because of the large black spot in the middle and it lost touch sensitivity on the top half of the phone. Every time(including today ) i called Samsung i have to wait at least two hours because i have wait for a case manager to respond and usually they just hang up on me.
Fundamentally speaking Samsung's customer support for premium phone does not function to cater customers, I was lied to many number of times, I am tired of it and I want my money back.
Not to mention that I been buying Samsung phone for almost 25 years starting from Anycall to Galuxy series almost every year I was getting samsung phone.
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Re: Horrible customer service, phone broken in kept on lying and not answering..

I dont buy your story, their has to be more to this that you fail to fess up about