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How can I get my read receipts to work on my Z Flip 3 5G?

(Topic created: 11-05-2021 01:14 PM)
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How come I can't get my read receipts to work? What do I need to do ?

Z flip 3 5g
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Stephanie Nikki
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Read receipts are controlled by your carrier, I would recommend reaching out to them directly to ensure its been enabled on your line. 

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You should check to see if you can configure for it.

You should also know you're best off using Google Messages, so if it's not installed, open up the Play Store, search for Google Messages, and install it.

Next, tap on Google Messages icon and set it to be the default messaging app.

You are now at the main screen. Tap the three button menu at upper right and select Settings.

At the top, tap on Chat features.
Turn on Enable Chat features

Tap on the Status option, so that Messages can register and Connect to the service.

Enable any other options you wish.

Tap on left arrow, upper left to back out, then once again to get back to the main screen

Give it a test.
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But I can't use the Samsung theme I love on Google messages and then I have to reset all the notification sounds for each person again and I just want it to work like it did before they sent me a new stupid 5g Sim card pretending it was an upgrade....haha