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No HDMI support

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Galaxy Z Flip

First off let me say I have been  lifelong Samsung fan for both TV and Mobile but that is starting to change as I recently ditched one of my TV's for a new LG OLED. Why? is for another day. Now to my reason for this post. This is my opinion for Samsung in general. Considering a phone that costs over a thousand dollars out of my pocket I should never have to deal with apps and games I don't want being downloaded every time my phone does an update and just another form of advertising which Samsung profits from.  Device issues: I've always been a sucker for advancement of todays technology yet still appreciate the past especially of the old school flip phones. Which brings me here.  I currently have the Z-Flip4 which was upgraded from my S20 FE. Let me say that less expensive version of the S20 has way more capabilities than this almost useless Flip 4. I knew before I bought the Flip it had no expandable storage and was as OK with that as I could be but still think it's a big flaw that I miss from my S20 FE. This phone is absolutely terrible at mirroring HD content. It lags, picture looks like standard def blown up and sound doesn't sync. So I bought a USB-C to HDMI cord and adapter to mirror directly. I plug it into the TV nothing happens. To my shock I go online to find out why and it turns out this phone does not support any physical phone mirroring at all. No DEX, Nothing only by crappy wireless. Why? Why would they remove that option entirely from a flagship phone?  When I looked it up on The support area for this phone I couldn't find anything regarding this I had to find out offsite of this issue. I'm on disability with little income so I had to cut off my local Internet and figured I would just use my phone for what I needed to do. While I still can the quality of this product wirelessly sucks. All I can say is after I pay off this phone I will finally after years of family torment from family I'm gonna give in and move to Apple. Samsung you lost me for good 

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Galaxy Z Flip
The flip and fold series are not apart of the flagship line from samsung only the s series have dex and other certain features unfortunatly