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Text message notification sound

I spent A LOT of money on this phone.  I have always used Samsung Galaxy phones because they are easy to use.  I just came back from an I phone.  A have a different sound set for my text messages as opposed to any other type of notification.  Every text message I get does not use my tone.  It uses the notification tone.  I DON'T WANT THAT!!!!!  Don't tell me to go to message notification and general then change the tone.  I already have.  What do I need to do to make my text message tone work right???  And how do I do that?  If you tell me to make a folder somewhere you are going to have to walk me through step by step.  Thank you.


Re: Text message notification sound

Is it a notification alert & sounds app? If so you may have to set it directly from whatever alert sound you like from in the app if your using an app. You may have to set your text notifications settings default on wherever your applying your texting alerts from and last but not least you can mostly likely set directly from your texting area settings. I had an issue that wouldn't allow any text message sound at all come through so I never knew when I was getting a text. Come to find out on my own after a while that it was random app I installed that blocked all my notifications and it was a cleaning app so it was frustrating. When I try all tips people offer me and if I'm still stuck I just go to Samsung support live chat. As a last result cause this Samsung community is great at taking time to give there advice & answers. So I hope I was helpful in some way and I wish you luck. You have the phone I dream of getting next. They usually put a pre-installed app on each Samsung phone I think it's called Galaxy Help app or Samsung Help but I've found lots of info there also.

Good luck to you.