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Auto Game Mode not available on Q70RAF

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I have a Marantz SR5013 Receiver plugged into the HDMI 4 port of my 85" Q70RAF. I have an Apple TV, Xbox, and Ps5 hooked up to the Receiver. The TV used to auto-detect the consoles and put itself into Game Mode when I switched my Receiver to them. It also switched game mode off when I switched to the Apple TV.

I recently moved and had to unplug everything and when I plugged it back in, Auto Game Mode is no longer available - it's greyed out. I can't remember if the Receiver was plugged into the HDMI 4 port or not before the move... that's the only unknown - but for what it's worth I've tried every port and it's greyed out on all of them.

I've reset the TV to factory settings in the hopes that it would fix it... it did not. I don't understand why it used to work and now it doesn't with the exact same setup.  Can anyone help me?

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Cosmic Ray
I dont play game its keep up to much memory