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Game Controllers for Emulators

If anyone has experience with external game controllers for Atari, Nintendo and other emulators (particularly Wii), and you can tell me your experience, I'd appreciate it. 


I'm looking for three controllers - 


For Dolphin Emulator / Wii, I understand you can use a USB connected Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar with an OEM Wii controller. This was made for PC's but there were suggestions it will work with Android.


My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S4 running Pie 

For Atari 2600 using Atari2600EMU, I'm looking for a wired USB or Bluetooth joystick. The only one I see on Amazon, a Retro-Bit USB joystick has very poor reviews on Amazon. 50% of the reviews are one star. A paddle controller might be nice too. 


For SNES, GBA, GBC, N64, using a hodgepodge of emulators including Mupen64plus, John GBAC, John NESS, My Boy, and Classic Boy, I'm looking for one controller which will work for all. On my potential list is a SteelSeries Stratus XL, an 8Bitdo SN30 Pro, and an 8Bitdo SF30 Pro. All are in the $30 to $40 range; I'm leaning to one of the 8Bitdo remotes because they look more like old school Nintendo remotes.


I was impressed by the Dolphin Emulator. They made note that on some Android systems the video encoding would be slow and choppy. Outside of crappy on-screen controls, I didn't notice significant lag/drag to the video. The other systems' emulators I've tried seem to function well, aside from the awkwardness of on-screen controls. 


So is anyone running emulators on a Tab S4? What tips and tricks can you give? Any deeper insights to controllers? Are there other games you run that are enhanced with a game controller? Are there emulators you like best? Why?