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I want to see a new Samsung WMR Headset

Frankly,  I would love to see Samsung put out a headset that competes with the HP Rerverb G2 with a better pricetag. 


2160x2160 resolution, 4 tracking cameras, two on front, and one on each side, strap for the middle of the head and lightweight. 


And for the love of god, keep at least a 72 IPD maximum with mechanical lens adjustment for us big headed folk out there.  (Nobody else has a 72mm or larger IPD headset at the moment) 


We may not be the biggest market, but I still use my original Odyssey HMD for flight simming, racing sims and what not else.   When you guys put it out, there was simply no real competition.. you had the highest resolution the pricetag was hard to beat.    I wish I had waited until you guys released the Odyssey plus, but simply couldn't justify upgrading headsets so quickly for the reduced SDE alone.  but with Nvidia's latest leap in GPU power, The HP Reverb is holding the reins right now and a new Odyssey HMD would be a huge upgrade, especially if it beats the price of the competitors.  But even wihtout a smaller pricetag, if you guys could manage to do something about FOV and not feeling like we have blinders on, people in the flight simming community would be all over a higher resolution HMD with incrased field of view.  (it hurts to look over your shoulder in the cockpit of an aircraft currently)


VR is becoming a big deal in combat flight sims like IL-2 and DCS World, as well as racing simulators.  I use it for the seated experience alone, and it's like sitting in the cockpit or the driver's seat without the sensations of G-force.    


The leaks of your latest patent on HMD's are all over the place, but no news from Samsung.. and I just wanted to say,  if you guys can produce an HMD with the Reverb's resolution, the additional cameras for tracking, and at least a 72mm IPD myself and quite a few others would buy the thing on day one. 


Find a way to increase the FOV so its easier to look over your shoulder when seated?  You guys would dominate the combat flight simming market for VR headset sales. 


Sorry to be so wordy, but with the upcoming launch of the Nvidia 30 series, the time is nigh for the next Odyssey HMD.