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Odyssey+ Broken HDMI cable

Hello, the HDMI cable on my Odyssey+ has a broken pin. I took it to a local electronic repair shop, but after two months he told me he can't fix it. 

So I called the nearest Samsung Experience store and they said they don't service the VR either. So I called Samsung tech support, and after being transfered to about 4 different departments, they told me they can't offer any support to me here in Canada, try calling Microsoft (they are the only authorized retailer in Canada)

So I called Microsoft, and as expected they told me it's not their device, Samsung will have to deal with it.


SO here I am with a broken VR with what seems like a very easy thing to fix, but neither a local repair shop, microsoft, nor samsung are able to help.

Does anyone have any other ideas to fix my broken cable? I would be very grateful.