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PUBG or Other Games Not Working Try This

I Tried everything clear cache, Uninstaller the game, repairing the game, game boosters, gfx tools, i even went as far as reinstalling the firmware and still nothing. I was about to give up and stop playing pubg all together until I found something that seems to be working for me. Now here's the thing I dont know of its a combinination of the two things I'm about to say or if only the one is needed. I haven't tested it with just the one cus i dont want to mess with a good thing. So enable your developers options "go into settings then at the bottom "about phone" then "software info" then tap on build number 7 times or so until it says developer mode enabled. Back out to settings and the new options will be right below about phone. Click it now somewhere close to the bottom you'll see an option called "Disable HW overlays" click it on. That alone should fix the problem if it doesnt then it must be a combo of this and an app from the galaxy store called "game plugins" turn on max fps mode exit and start pubg. If u get what get everything the screens gonna be all jumpy, all you have to do is click your recent button then back on pubg and your game should be back to how it used to be before this update. Let me know how this works out far yahs! Good luck!!! Lol