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Q900 and Playstation 5 problems

(Topic created on: 2/20/21 5:42 PM)

I purchased the Q 900 for my game Room only. I have a Playstation 5 and play Call of Duty style games exclusively. I was told that this would be a great TV and game console set up. I am using a Belkin 2.1 HDMI cable to connect to my playstation 5. When I am plugged into port 4 and have the TV in game mode I get tearing on the TV screen from top to bottom about every 2 minutes. I paid a lot of money for a TV that according  to Samsung whom I talked to on the phone for almost an hour about it being used solely with a PlayStation 5 and this is what I needed in a TV to work with. They assured me this Q900 to be a perfect TV for the playstation 5 and I will be so happy with this set up. Especially since I ordered a Q80 and waited a month to get it and finally got it with a cracked screen. Then they told me my only option now was a Q900 for $1000 more because the Q80 was now unavailable and they had no idea when the Q80 would be back in stock.  After all of this and I got my Q 900 TV I found out that the ome boxes that connect to the TV don't even support 2.1 HDMI and that in March of 2021 they would be offering new one boxes and an update to fix the problem. Samsung if you could clarify this situation and explain what's going on with falsely telling consumers your Q900 Tvs are 2.1 when they are not. It's all over the internet just do a search. Also what's going to be done about the screen tearing while in game mode. This TV has been a nightmare  to set up with my Playstation 5 and that is not what I was told by Samsung.

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