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Samsung G9 odyssey RTX2080ti

(Topic created on: 4/30/21 11:07 AM)

Hi I have a Samsung G9 49” monitor currently running on the latest firmware. I also have a RTX2080ti graphics card. Mainly use it for racing sim and flight sim. Could anyone please help me out here.
on the monitor I have adaptive sync on refresh rate at highest and currently it’s outputting 240hz and windows recognises that.

Should I turn VRR on in windows and is there anything I need to activate on the graphics card menu within Nvidia panel.

also is there anything else I should have turned on to fully optimise this monitor obviously I know I’m not going to get 240FPS on games but am I still good to set it up at that and then turn on G-Sync along with the VRR and adaptive sync on the monitor. Is this the best way of doing it.


Many thanks

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