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Samsung Q70R Why do I have to factory reset TV for Game Mode to work properly?

So, I've been playing Red Dead Redemption II on my Samsung Q70R and Xbox One X. My game mode for some reason had been displaying improperly. Dim color, blurry graphics, and slow input lag. I called customer support and they had me factory reset the TV and voila Game Mode was working again butter smooth. It's been 2 days and now my TV is once again going slow. The menu options lag. My in game character. It's very noticeable when it does this. So, I went ahead and did another factory reset and just like before the game mode works again. Why do I have to do this each and everytime? I was also told by customer support to unplug my Xbox One power cable AND my HDMI cable from my TV everytime I turn my Xbox One X off. I would be fine if that was all I had to do but actually resetting the TV each time is just unacceptable. If anyone in the community has an idea/suggestion or a fix I would GREATLY appreciate it at this point. I love this TV and the color/fast input option it offers but I shouldn't have to reset it each and everytime to get it to work properly. My TV is fully updated, wired connection, I don't do anything aside from gaming. I used the TV to watch Disney+ and Netflix in the beginning but got rid of those last month.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Q70R Why do I have to factory reset TV for Game Mode to work properly?

Is game mode the only mode that this occurs with?

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