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Xbox controller quick pair

With xbox streaming and steam link both being used by my phone Its nice to be able to easily click bluetooth settings and pair my controller with my phone. I've yet to set a quick command to make it even a simpler task.  I would love to be able to controll what device the xbox controller is connected to with my phone. Has anybody maybe set up an automation with a voice assistant or found a app that can simplify having to remove the device from the PC then repair it to connect and then either usb connection or pair button on the xbox.  Just seems like since the phone is ahead of the console and the PC with the ease of access, and to have a widget or toggle setting seems ideal over bypass plugging in and pressing buttons.  Anybody got this one figured? 

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Xbox controller quick pair

Hi @Slick1upSleave. The X1 controller doesn't need to be unpaired from other devices to function with a Galaxy. However, if other known devices have BT enabled the controller will only choose 1. 


I would recommend that BT be disabled on your PC, otherwise the controller will connect when in range. My X1 controller is linked to my phones and PC. As long as only one familiar device is discoverable, no problem surfaces. 


When BT is enabled on a phone the controller will pair within seconds. X1 support has existed since the US S8/Note8 released years ago. Possibly further back. 

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