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Galaxy Buds have poor connection, music skips and hesitates

My Galaxy Buds 7405 (model SM-R170NZWAXAR) connection skips and hesitates constantly. The connection is okay in my house, but when I go for a walk outside, the connection becomes terrible. In general, the connection is much worse when my S9 is in my pocket (see S9 information below), and less bad when I hold it in my hand (but not perfect). The connection often skips when I turn my head, or when I hold my phone at a different angle (perpindicular to my body, for example, instead of parallel). 


I have applied all updates, and have tried resetting the earbuds. My phone gets reset once every couple weeks (and the problem has been going on since May). Resetting the earbuds, restarting the wearables software, and restarting the phone do not help. 


Galaxy S9 SM-G960U1, Android 9, kernel 4.9.112-16002534

Galaxy Wearable Ver, Galaxy Buds Plugin Ver 1.2.19051551. 

Galaxy Buds 7405, model SM-R170NZWAXAR, SW ver R170XXU0ASF3.