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Gear 2016 sm-c200 won't connect to S7

Gear 2016 sm-c200 won't connect to S7

The camera is reported to be connected via Bluetooth, the Samsung Gear360 app launches straight to preview mode but returns to the connect screen. Then the Gear360 app goes back to the main screen that looks like the camera is not connected. If I try to see the gallery from the main screen, it will either go back to the main screen, or just hang with "progress circle" and "Loading".  Bluetooth on phone says it's paired to the camera and connected.


I restarted the phone-sigh. Didn't work.


I had version 1.2 of the Gear360 app, loaded the recent 1.4 version, and does the same thing.


I restarted Bluetooth. Didn't work.

firmware is c200glu0aqk1


One last try, turned off/on the phone and it connected.  That's less than satisfying. 

Anybody else seeing this? any suggestions about making this better?