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Gear 360 Dead Battery

Well I think I've had it with Samsung electronics. My 2017 Gear 360 is dead after two uses because I allowed the battery to drain- what a horrendous design. I tried every trick available out there to no avail. Eventually I broke down and removed the battery, and found it was sitting at 1.0V and will not take charge at all.

Anyone know if it's possible to buy a replacement battery or is this a paperweight now? Battery model is EB-BR210ABE


Re: Gear 360 Dead Battery

I called the service center as mine did the same thing after about 3 full charges... just wouldn't charge nor turn on.  When I called i was met with a disaster of phone conversations.  First rep, the best one, led me to a 3rd party service center to repair this unit.  When I contacted them, they said they havent been an authorized rep for over a year, and I would have to call samsung back.  Second gal, said the 800 phone number routed to wrong department and gave me direct line.  When I called the Samsung guy who answered 25 minutes later was so rude saying "He did not fix those things" and immediatly trasferred me to the beginning call-in routine again.....

Last person, finally was able to help, but they said the starting ticket to get a battery replaced (might be more but wasn't sure) wanted me to give them an 80 USD charge on my credit card, then would provide me address to send for main samsung service.      Over 80 bucks for a battery...    no thanks, I'm swapping brands too.

So much for brand loyalty.