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Gear 360 Feature and workflow suggestions

1.  I would love if you could make an external led array/strobe flash for the gear 360.  Something that is small, can hug the curves of the camera, evenly light in every direction, and that can be triggered by the bluetooth trigger/samsung controller.  Obviously, this would result in a necessary firmware update for the camera.  If it creates a sync issue, maybe the flash can blug into the usb-c port on the camera, and triggering the camera, can in turn trigger the flash for proper exposure.


2.  I have multiple gear 360s, and it would be nice if I could change their file naming conventions to reflect this.  For example, camera 1 could be renamed sam1_xxx_xxx.mp4, and camera two can be sam2_xxx_xxx.mp4  This is a big issue for me, as I'm actually considering buying about 10 more of these cameras, and it would make it easier for me to keep track of which content is coming from which, when I want to dump them all in a single folder, it creates the potential problem of duplicate file names.  Which also creates stitching problems, because you can drag the second file into actiondirector 2, and if a file name of the same file name has already been stitched, than the second file never actually stitches...and when you go to publish, you get the first clip, not the second.


3.  The gear vr trigger is useful, but I wish the thumb pad could switch between modes.  It would be convenient to be able to switch back and forth between pics and video right from the samsung gear vr controller.  As it stands, the controller is STRICTLY a trigger..


4.  I wish you had a separate tool outside of action director 2.0 that could mass stitch and convert files.  The problemwith action director is that you have to load it, import videos, wait for them to stitch, put them on a time line, and publish each one individually.  If you put multiple images or videos on the time line, when you publish them they merge to one video..and that is not what I want.  Rather...I'd like a tool similar to what Elecam had where you can batch load all of the files into a field, and tell it to convert..and then it sends all of the stitched files to a folder with whatever naming convention you choose.. "For example:  DragonCon2019VR001-DragonCon2019VR155"  Beacause I do a lot of events and conventions I shoot an average of 100 videos per camera per event, and right now I am shooting with 2 cameras.  Can you individually publishing each video or picture?


4.  For Action Director 2.0 it would be really nice if when you are in globe mode viewing, the pics and video didnt' move up or down when you are arrowing left or right.  If you are watching VR you can turn around and the camera can track a straight line across the why wouldn't it make sense to do the same thing when you are arrowing or dragging the video globe in Action Director?  If i am moving the left, make it so the globe stays in the same visual line..I don't want the video to move up and down, until/unless I click on up or down.


5.  What I would REALLY like is a prosumer or professional version of this camera.   Something that has built in TTL like flash capabilities, and that has adjustable iso, speed, aperature.  I am beginning to schedule VR photoshoots, and I'd really loves somethign that rises to that challenge.  Built in Image stabilization would be nice too..


6. Extended battery-  I'd love to see you create an extended battery that looks like a tripod extension.  Just a bar with a retractable cable that plugs into the usb-c port on the camera. To keep the cable in, it would be nice to have a similar accessory to the stabilizing ring, that is designed to hold the usb-c cable in place and wrap around the camera to keep it firm.


7.  I have a pretty decent selfie stick..but I'd like to see you guys make something for this camera that is pretty ultimate.  1.  six or seven feet long.  2.  water proof 3.  has a spot you can slip the gear vr controller into on the handle.  4.  has a way of switching between straight up, and bent angle positions without having to pull the selfie stick back to do so and then stick it back out..