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Re: How to Connect Gear 360 (2017) to Google Street View?




The Samsgun Gear 360 camera is one of a handful of Camera's officailly supported by Google for Street View according to Google's own documentation. It's also the most popular 360 camera. 


Samsung has updated the firmware on the Gear 360 camera so that you can connect it to the Samsung S7, S8 and S9 phones and use the camera with Street View, unfortunatley the camera has to connect by way of WiFi and your phone will have no Internet connection while connected to the camera.  As a result, you will be able to take single 360 shots in Street View app, but you WILL NOT be able to use interval mode. Interval mode will crash. On the iPhone/iOS this is not an issue (yes, you read correctly, when it comes to Street View compatibility Samsung's Gear 360 camera is better supported by Apple's iOS than Samsung's own flagship phones. This is a testiment to poor engineering on the part of Samsung).


It's also worth nothing that interval mode (the ability to take single photos repeatedly at set time delay interval to accomplish Street View style imaging) is NOT supported by the Gear 360 app. This is something Samsung could easily implement in software as it just involved the controlling App taking a picture at a set interval. This is a feature supported natively (without the need for Street View) on almost all 360 cameras, even the inexpensive cameras that compete with the Gear 360. Samsung just simply does not care about providing basic features like this in the Gear 360 products. They really are a disgrace, but the brand is established so why should they care about supported older products?


Since there was no 2018 update to the Gear 360 camera line we can assume the Gear 360 product line is retired and that Samsung will do nothing to further help with this. In short, you the answer is to sell your Gear 360 camera and go buy another brand 360 camera product. Since all them will support the intervalmeter functionality they would all be an upgrade. Samsung has much to learn about the importance of supporting all the products in the Galaxy ecosystem, the limitations of the Gear 360 line highlight just how superior Apple has been at this. The fact that the Geat 360 camera works better with iOS than the Galaxy and Note phone products is even more salt in the wound. Again, they are disgrace and do not deserve the standing. Samsung does not seem to understand that in order to maintain a brand name you have to constantly support the great products you bring to market and not abandon them.