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Making Gear 360 (2017), 360 VIDEO Equiregular BETTER YET JUST PLAIN UHD Video in .mp4?

Hello -- HELP, have a Video taken on Gear 360 (2017) of a WEED WACKER Assault,


We kid you not. BUT IT IS ALL FUZZY but has 1.7GB in data (4k dual lens)..


HOW TO CONVERT TO 4k CLEAR VIDEO (and Stitched to 4k perfection)?
The "Action Director" on the Android 9 phone is FUZZY...all of it is FUZZY for some reason,  as it is NOT a bad lens cover, its simply the way it came off the 1) Micro SD card, or 2) through the Galsy s8 or S10 mobiles....NOTHING WORKS TO CLEAN IT UP...Help!! Need it yesterday and no one seems to know 360 video conversion (including myself)