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Allow notifications (with sound) on Gear S3 with Do Not Disturb turned on?

(Topic created: 04-04-2022 12:29 AM)
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Hello, I have the Do Not Disturb feature sync'd between my S20+ and my Gear S3 watch. 

I have a specific app that I want to get all notifications from even if DND is turned on.  I have this set up on the phone to allow exceptions for this app.  I also receive this notification on my watch during DND.


Since DND is on, the notification on my watch doesn't make any noise. I DO want noise, only for this app's notifications, even during DND mode.  

How do I get notification noise from a specific app while Do Not Disturb is turned on?   

Reason I'm asking: I have HomeAssistant (smart home app) setup to notify me if any doors are open during the night.  I want these notifications to wake me up even if DND is turned on.  


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Hyper Chick
Gear and Gear Fit
-Open your Do Not Disturb setting.
-You "should" have a section labeled: Exceptions at the bottom.
-One of the categories in there should be "Apps"
-Click Apps
-In the upper right corner (at least on the Note10+) there's a plus sign where you can add any app to your DND Exceptions list.
-Just scroll through your list (if your adding a System App, remember to toggle that search on) and select the App your looking for.
-Once you've found and selected your App, you can then set the specific parameters you want that App to bypass for your DND so you'll get your alert.
-Ex: I added the Message+ App. Then I added to only bypass DND if a text message came through from a contact that I have marked on my Favorites List. I did the same thing with phone calls.

Hope this helps.