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Calories re-set during workout gear 2

I have a gear 2 and a galaxy s10. I went for a run today for a little over 2 hours. At the end of my run the total calorie count was 49 calories....even 2 hours sitting would burn more than double thay!! I know the watch was tracking during my run since I remember looking at it occasionally. I last remember seeing a little over 700 calories burnt which seemed accurate. After my run the gear automatically recording me walking and that reading was accurate. So I don't think it is a heart rate monitor issue. The steps recorded accurately as well. The only theories I have are thay when the watch hit 2 hours it reset to counting from zero. Or maybe I hit 1000 calories and that caused the watch to reset?  Could there be a glitch of sorts to cause that? Any help would be appreciated. It is the longer run I have ever done so I would like for it to count!Total calories burned for 2 hour runTotal calories burned for 2 hour run


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