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Galaxy Buds call quality issues.

Hello ,


I have two sets of The famous Galaxy Earbuds. 


They are FANTASTIC. Except the (inventor should be fired) I mean did anyone test those out before the went out on market? 


Sound and comfort are awesome. But no one can hear us. They hear voices but they have to try and make out what you are saying. Now can anyone explain to me how such a mess happens?


I've called Samsung and they offered to have the Buds sent to them and then repaired and returned to you. But what kind of service is that? I pay for new items or refurbished? Because correct me if I am wrong anyone but isn't a product that is sent back and repaired technically called refurbrished now?


They don't care! it's ridiculous. Long Live Apple where the service really matters to the company.


Yeah I bought a set of new galaxy buds yellow They sound...

Yeah I bought a set of new galaxy buds yellow

They sound good.

My wife says I sound like I'm in a tin can talking but my environment is 95 percent noise if they had noise cancelling mics probably wouldnt be a bad set of ear buds