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Galaxy Buds don't charge, LED on the case stays on

The LED has been green for about a day now, but when the earbuds are in the case, they dont charge. No light turns on. I've searched for anything to fix this, and while people seem to have similar problems, I haven't found any solutions.  Any help would be appreciated, as I really would not like to order a new set.


Re: Galaxy Buds don't charge, LED on the case stays on

Ive never had that problem and im no expert but make sure the earbud brass/copper plates (shiny circle things) are clean and shiny not dark use 90% iso to clean it id recommend qtip or toothpick as last resort try not to use metal to clean it. Next make sure the metal prongs in the case are straight not bent/broken then clean that again with iso and qtip. If that doesnt fix it try blowing into the case while its dry to help free any potential debris.


Last resort look at the usb type c port on the case make sure its all good no lint build up or metal debris/bent pins and for a lack of terms the black chip looking thing that holds the pins isnt chipped or misaligned.