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Galaxy fit 2 wrong sleep tracking data

(Topic created on: 1/22/21 2:01 AM)
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I've had this band for about two months and for an unknown reason the sleep tracking data shows inaccurate readings every night. As it can be seen in the attached image, every morning the graph shows a lot of "awake time" peaks during the night, totalling about 30 minutes or more per day (even one night it totalled an hour and a half of "awake time") . All of those readings are wrong. Ironically, when I really wake up in the night to go to the bathroom, is not recorded. I had another band before this one from another brand, and although it gave me accurate sleep tracking data, I've changed it for this one thinking that the sleep tracking was better, but actually is worse. Is there anything I could do to fix the sleep tracking or definitively the accuracy of this band is that bad? Screenshot_20201230-061003_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20210118-074259_Samsung Health.jpg


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