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Galaxy fit wont pair with Iphone (new)

I bought a new Galaxy Fit and the same day i went home to open and it and put it to charge, and as i put it charge i got white and black lines that then disappeared, and with hope of it working right, i tried pairing to my iphone xr, and while the pairing process i got as far as to when the watch says to "check you're phone" my phone was stuck on "connecting to band" and so then I decided to start over, and now while trying to pair ny watch will not go to the next step "check you're phone" and my phone gets stuck on "connecting to band". I then tried deleting the app, restarting my phone and the watch, forgetting the watch and trying to pair again, but no look, i have been looking around for a solution but cant find it and its very disappointing 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy fit wont pair with Iphone (new)

Have you tried pairing the watch with another device?


Are you using the Galaxy watch app for your iPhone?

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