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Gear Fit 2 stopped working

On the 27th of July my Gear Fit 2 had the message on it stating that it was downloading and not to switch it off.  It remained that way for over an hour and then completely went blank and I have been unable to switch it on since.  Previous to this it had been working absolutely fine.  I have looked on forums and tried a number of fixes.  I have held down the Power button both on and off the charging dock for a longer periods of time.  I have done this whilst it has been connected to the PC and Phone and without both of these to no avail.  Naturally, I am frustrated that a Samsung Update (that has never ocurred on my wearable before) has rendered my watch useless and as far as I can see dead.  I even purchased a new charging dock to see if that was the problem.  I've paid a lot of money for something that I need but won't work due to a Samsung update.  Please help!