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Gear Fit2 Pro Battery, Bands, Connection

I have noticed within the last 2 days, my battery drains in about 3 hours in "power savings" mode.   If I wasn't in this mode, it would drain within 1 hour.  And now, as I am just holding my watch, the band just broke off.  Yes, it could be age (I believe I purchased this piece under 2 years ago), but come on!  I have had 3 FitBits that have failed.  This prompted me to purchase a Samsung watch (for my Samsung phone); but, now this is another failed attempt.  One thing I am thankful for:  I purchased a 'refurbished watch' as a test of the product knowing the risks of purchasing a refurbished one.  If I was to remain in the Samsung Family of products, is a failure like this of the battery and band a common thing?  What is the life expectancy of the battery & the body of the watch?  I am a female that does not have a physically demanding job so I did not beat the watch up.    Please reply.......

One more thing, I have a Galaxy S8+ and the connection with this watch and my phone has repeated failures.