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Gear S2 Classic no longer connects to iPhone 7

My Gear S2 Classic no longer connects to my iPhone 7.


I have reset the watch and redownloaded the Galaxy Watch app (although the watch itself and Samsung support still says that I should be using the Samsung Gear app, I cannot find it on the Apple App Store).


When I select "Pick My Watch" in the app, my Gear S2 (10B1) LE shows up. However, the "Connecting to watch" dialog eventually times out.


I am able to connect to the watch with Bluetooth directly from Settings on the iPhone. It shows up in the list of devices, a Bluetooth Pairing Request with passkey appears, and the Gear S2 shows up as connected in the list of bluetooth devices on the phone.


I am able to use the watch in Standalone mode.


Any ideas?


Re: Gear S2 Classic no longer connects to iPhone 7

I am having the EXACT same issue with my I phone 11. I called Samsung support and they did the reboot thing and tried connecting but nothing happened.  I called Apple and they did a diagnostic check on the I phone 11, and the phone is up to date with no issues. Only answer is that the samsung gear application is glitchy or it's NOT compatible after the first connection. Samsung needs to do better and have their developers look into this defect. This is false advertisement saying it's compatible when it's not. Customers should be able to connect or disconnect from the watch any time they want.