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Gear S3 Classic No Longer Powers On

I bought my Gear S3 Classic in July 2017 - and I've it enjoyed for all this time, without experiencing negative issues. Last week it decided to die out of the blue and I thought the battery was dead. I've had it charge, it went all the way to 100% and still would not power on (I did try the various suggestions found online but no luck). Of course, calling Samsung was pretty useless since it is out of warranty now and the kind of money they charge for repairs, and having to ship to a repair facility, etc, not worth the cost and hassle. I took it to a local ubreakifix and those guys tried to swap the battery, it still would not start (btw, these guys were fantastic and did not charge since they couldn't fix it). They said the only other scenario they could think of is replacing the power button, however it is expensive, no guarantee it would actually work and they did not recommend it.


Has anyone else had this issue where the battery is fine, however the watch no longer powers on? Is there any recommended DYI or is time to ditch this watch? Have I reached the maximum life of a Samsung product? Smiley Happy





Re: Gear S3 Classic No Longer Powers On

I'm having the same issue.  At first it wouldn't charge for 3 days and then it finally charged to 100%. Now it won't power on at all. 

Please help. This is frustrating.