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Gear S3 Frontier Disconnecting and Reconnecting Constantly / NO SUPPORT FROM SAMSUNG

My Gear S3 Frontier has begun to experience a wide spread problem that has been occurring with many S3 Frontiers. The watch, when I switched over from iPhone to Android, has started to constantly disconnect and reconnect. It is very inconvenient! In the night is a great example of the inconvenience. At night, I have to put the watch on silence because when it disconnects, it makes a loud sound or vibrates (putting it on silent defeats the purpose of the $300 watch). 


Today, I contacted Samsung Support three times and I got the same response. They told me that I need to pay for Samsung to service the device (out-of-warranty). The problem with that is that I shouldn't have to pay for a defect or mistake on Samsung's part. If I would've damaged it or wet it, it's a different story, but I have not. It's possibly a tactic to get customers to buy the new line of devices.


I have reset it multiple times (including hard reset), tested with other phones, changed settings, and still the same. I looked this up and so many people are experiencing this issue with this watch, and Samsung is not addressing it nor offering to repair! I am a big fan of Samsung product as all my TVs are Samsung, and even the laptop I'm using to send this is a Samsung laptop.

If someone could please help me, please reply.