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Gear S3 frontier sensors don't work : Temporary Fix

Hi All,

I want to share my experience to temporary solved this problem. I said temporary solved because: ....... if you reboot or power off your watch ... this issue will happen again and then you should repeat below procedure again.......
But i'm not warrant if this will solved you problem too because maybe you have different hardware/software version ....I Just share my experience......


My watch is S3 Frontier (SM-R760), before using firmware Tizen no problem found. but after update to tizen 4, after using about 1 week nightmare is comin..., my watch start trouble. All sensors fail, opening menu so lagging, also wrist gesture problem and battery drain so fast from aprox. 3 days before trouble to <1 day only.

already trying suggestion from samsung community forum and also from xda-developer forum and bla bla bla...but still no luck.
and then i got info about new vesion Tizen After update it... still no luck... poor me


After trial and error i found below step solved sensor problem on my watch (at least already running for 1 month). All sensor working fine and battery drain about 1,3% to 1,4% per hour (gps/location off, bluetooth off, AOD off).

I dont know why i cant reply on samsung discussion below (maybe a new member cant reply a message??) :

then I decided make a new discussion on this forum. I'm deviced to make discussion on samsung forum because there are samsung man here... we hope he can hear our problem and help to fix it.


Here the step :

1. Make sure your battery below 50% (dont ask me why... heheh)



2. Goto heart rate setting : and then choose : "always"


3. Goto setting, choose "Apps", then "Permission", then choose "Samsung Health" and then set "sensor" to off and "location" to off


4. Reboot your watch (press and hold Home/power Key on your watch for more then 7 second) see : ( )


5. After reboot (your device battery now should be fine and also wrist gesture working great now and opening menu no more lagging). but all sensor still not working because we are already set sensor to off), place your watch on the charger, and then opening menu and go to step number 2 and set "sensor" on samsung health back to "ON"


6. wait for at least 4 hour, your watch battery should be full, and then try to wear you watch, looking at the back your watch.. you should see green led blinking (hate rate sensor led). go to hate rate sensor setting set to "never" and then measure you hate should be can measure your heart rate now. if still problem...
you can try step number 1 again but make sure your battery below 50%


7. try walking and then look into step menu.. it should be count your step
(if still problem...
you can try step number 1 again but make sure your battery below 50%).


8. IF step no 6, 7 success.. your watch should be fine now...


9. and now .... there is another problem.... (but as long you are not driving a car or bike using your watch, you can skip this step).
If you driving a car or bike usingn your watch.... your watch will got trouble again.. why??? i dont know.... hehehe


But there is a trick you can do to solved this
1. Before you are driving a car /bike you can go to setting and disabled (set to off) the sensor on samsung health. and after arrived at you destination you can set it ON again.
As My experience you only need do this step once, then you can ignore it... or for next day/time you do not set it to off / on again...and your watch should be fine....(I found this solution because for next day i'm forget to set of off again when driving a car and found my watch warking well)....hehehe....

As I Said above.. this is sharing for my experience only.. just try it dude... Good Luck


Just remember : dont reboot or power off your watch after your watch working well or... you must repeat from step number 1 to 9 again...


Chistian Y.


Re: Gear S3 frontier sensors don't work : Temporary Fix

Hello Christian, 

When I go to point 3 Hearth rating I have to activate the sensors... It's correct? I have a barometer sensor failure. This guide applies to this sensor too?

Thank you very much

Best regards



Re: Gear S3 frontier sensors don't work : Temporary Fix

Hi Simon, 



I already revised the sequence...sorry my mistake.

Yes you can do this guide to fix barometer sensor too...

After you finished step no. 8 you can test all sensor with this command *#0*#